From meal plans and workouts to shopping lists and questions for your physician, our tools can help you better manage your healthy lifestyle and communicate more effectively with your doctor.

Are you having sleep issues? Then fill out our sleep diary. Share it with your healthcare provider at your next appointment.
Fill out this worksheet and take it to each visit. It can help you and your doctor
track the severity of your
joint symptoms.
Knowing what to ask your doctor will maximize your visit. Check out this list of specific treatment and lifestyle questions before your next appointment.

Take these approaches to common tasks to help protect and support painful joints. Thanks to these tricks, your daily routine will be easier.
Make the most of your time with your doctor by knowing what topics to discuss at your next RA checkup. Start here, with our printable discussion guide.
Having trouble getting to sleep due to aches and pains? Develop nighttime
rituals that will help you
sleep better.

Help your healthcare provider understand how difficult it is for you to participate in daily activities. Bring this worksheet to your next visit.
Keeping a log of your meds is a great visual reminder to take them and avoid dangerous mix-ups. Use our weekly med-tracker worksheet.
Follow-up care is easy to remember when you have the information you need at your fingertips. Grab a pen, print this page, and bring it along to your next doctor visit.

Practicing yoga can help you release tension, reduce inflammation and ease your pain. Here are some simple moves to get you started.
Maintain mobility in your hands with a few easy exercises. This quick workout was designed by a rheumatologist – talk to your doctor to find out if it's right for you!